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Written by Linda Sparks the author of "The Basics of Corset Building" these PDF books were chapters in her second book "The Art of Corset Building" which at close to 500 pages was not cost effective to publish or to ship! To make the information more accessible she's working on creating each chapter as a stand alone PDF book, allowing you to purchase only the chapters you want or need and not having to wait for delivery or pay for shipping.
It will take time to get all the chapters up here as there are over 20 of them!
It took several years and hundreds of hours and dollars to create the samples and write about the processes used. Please be respectful and not share these files freely.

PLEASE NOTE: for some reason some people (about 1%) get an error message saying the "File Cannot be Found". Tech support has looked into this and can see no reason why anyone would get this message - IF YOU get this message please let us and know and we will e-mail you the PDF. If you get an error that is a series of numbers then "clear your cache" or "Close your browser and reopen", either of these steps should resolve the issue.
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01 Corset Building Tools and Equipment PDF Book 02 Corset Building Material Book, making corset bone casings
A FREE PDF book that outlines the various tools and equipment required for making corsets. A FREE PDF book that outlines the materials - both fabrics and steel products required for corset making. Over 50 pages covering a dozen different methods to make corset bone casings. Click the image for more information.
04 Corset Bindings Book 05 Corset Gores Brown suede corset with zipper front
04 Corset Bindings Book
Price C$3.00

05 Corset Gores
Price C$3.00

06 Corset Front Closures PDF
Price per Download C$8.00

PDF downloadable book about various methods for binding the edges of a corset A PDF downloadable book outlining techniques to put gores into corsets. Downloadable 100 page book outlining 4 busk application methods, zipper closures and hook and eye closures for corsets.
Back of a corset with corset lacing detail Black corset with applique of girl on a motorcycle Brocade corset with matching patterns
07 Corset Back Closures PDF
Price per Download C$5.00

08 Applique Corset Book
Price per Download C$4.00
09 Brocade Corset Book
Price per Download C$5.00
Downloadable book covering several methods to finish the back of a corset. PDF book on making a corset with appliqued designs
Click the image for more information
Down loadable PDF book on how to prep your pattern and cut your fabric so that the motifs on the fabric match up.
Black and white corset with front zipper closure Lace corset with mirror image motif Striped Corset
10 Colour Blocked Corset
Price per Download C$7.00
11 Make a Lace Corset
Price per Download C$3.50
14 Make a Striped Corset
Price per Download C$5.00
Downloadable PDF book on "How to Make a Color Blocked Corset" with a front zipper closure, interior and exterior bone casings and invisible bone casings. A PDF downloadable book covering "how to make a lace corset" PDF book to download explains how to work with stripes when making a corset.