White hook and eye tape Bone Tipping pliers with dies, spiral bones and spring steel bones Fosshape Armor for a Woman
Hook & Eye tape w 3 rows of Eyes
Price per Meter C$8.25

Mesh/Black or White 150cm wide Red corset made of corset mesh 3 3/16 inch deep bra wire
Mesh/Black or White 150cm wide
Price per Centimeter (.4 inches) C$0.24

V Wire, Curved 3 3/16 inch
Price per Wire C$4.50

Corset Making Supplies | Theatre Costume Materials

Farthingales is a Canadian company that has been selling corset making supplies and theatrical costume supplies online for over 18 years. We ship to many esteemed theatrical organizations and design houses around the world including ballet and opera companies, film and TV costume shops, as well as independent costume and corset makers. Looking to make your own corset? Perhaps you are on the market for high-quality costume making supplies? We’ve got you covered! Our tips and tricks page is full of ways to overcome common creation problems, as well as step-by-step instructions. We take pride in providing only the highest quality corset and costume making materials, and a superior knowledgebase. We ship on schedule every Tuesday and Thursday, selling in Canadian dollars.

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